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Are you looking forward to the movie-quality Mandarin? 14 Blades to be a reference. Daniel Lee's direction of this film can cure your homesickness will be qualified Mandarin films, both from the field of cinematography, acting, until the essence of the story itself.

Taking the background of the Ming Dynasty, the royal imperial guards formed an organization. In modern times, are like the government intelligence agencies who are educated and trained in the ways of a cruel and unnatural.

The imperial guard was called Jinyiwei. Each holding a weapon that consists of 14 pieces sword: 8 is used to torture, five for murder, and a special sword to kill them selves if the mission is not completed successfully. The Jinyiwei so feared in China because the entire plateau is famous for cruelty while eliminating the target.

At that time, there was a conspiracy and betrayal within the organization Jinyiwei. Using dirty politics, which betrays the Jinyiwei still trying to get rid Jinyiwei loyal to the emperor. Jinyiwei which has a rotten intention affect the prince to cut out all the "traitors". These missions also fell into the hands Qinlong (Donnie Yen), one of the best Jinyiwei owned by Empire. The Jinyiwei who have such good intentions do not want the royal seal to smooth out their goals.

However, Qinglong realize that there are peculiarities that occurred. He saw that there are ulterior motives from the receipt of such missions. What will be done by Qinlong? Would he still follow imperial orders or trying to find the mastermind behind the conspiracy that occurred in the body's large empire? Is the mission will be fulfilled or Qin long must use the sword to end the mission last?

Predicted Box Office
How many movie successfully penetrate Mandarin Box Office? Maybe just a few. Still fresh in our minds-quality films made in the Bamboo Curtain countries, such as Once Upon a Time in China, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and The Curse of the Golden Flower. The films are successfully competing with other Hollywood films and successfully entrenched in box office revenue tempting enough.

Many people predicted that the 14 Blades will follow in the footsteps its predecessors. Install the famous actor and actresses like Donnie Yen, Wu Chun, zao Wei, and Ma WU senior actor, this movie has its own advantages. They are acting in this film deserves thumbs up. Daniel Lee chose their decision to play for 15 million dollar movie is indeed the right step.

14 Blades did look like a Mandarin film that highlights the most of his martial art. However, there are other things more attention, namely selection of movie set. Daniel Lee tried to bring a new atmosphere in this one film pack. Daniel prefers to play with the desert sand and mixing a little nuance of the Mongol in them. The women in this movie looks mighty with cape, boots, and headgear. Forget the appearance of a typical woman who uses Mandarin movies kung fu shoes, shiny silk shirt, and hair ornaments are beautiful and colorful. In fact, I had thought that the appearance of characters Qinglong almost the same as Sherlock Homes played by Robert Downey Jr. one thing that is unique from Daniel Lee, he entered Arabian to sweeten the elements of this film.

Release Date: February 4, 2010 (CHN, SIN)
Genre: action, thriller
Running time: 120 minutes
Director: Daniel Lee
Producer: Daniel Lee
Cast: Donnie Yen, Wei Zhao, Wu Chun, Kate Tsui, Qi Yuwu
Production Company: Shanghai Film Group
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